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ANT 112- Northwest (Browning) Exploring Non-Western Cultures: Getting Started

Guide for researching non-western cultures

Final Research Assignment

Final research paper objective:

  • Write a 6–8-page research paper
  • Compare the impacts of climate change or any traumatic event such as war, COVID, political conflict on 2 historically-marginalized cultural* groups using 2 anthropological terms from this semester.
  • If one group is from the US, then the other group must be from a non-western society.
  • use MLA paper and citation formats (see the MLA 9th Edition tab in this LibGuide)
  • Due Dec. 11, 2022
  • (see handout further down this page)



Balinese dancer, Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Asia. [Photography]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.  https://quest.eb.com/search/151_2541329/1/151_2541329/cite

Balinese dancer, Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Asia. [Photography]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. 

Quick Facts

Need quick information on an ethnic group or culture?

Try: eHRAF: World Cultures: By Country

  1. Search for your country.   Example: Guatemala
  2. Choose an ethnic group.  Example: Garifuna
  3. Click its Culture Summary
  4. Review the information
  5. Copy/paste any relevant search terms into MegaSearch or another journal/database search. Don't forget to keep track of where you find information so you can properly cite your sources.

Culture and Climate Change

1. Select one of these databases
2. In the Search box, type in Concepts + Cultures. For example:

  • "climate change + Xhosa"
  • "water pollution + Navajo"
  • "flooding + Jakarta squatters"

3. Search through your results and download/email your favorite ones

4. Get MLA Citations for articles right in the databases!


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