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ACL 080 - Ashby - Intro to Research: Welcome

Objectives of this LibGuide


1) To use the encyclopedia the way I used it back in the day. This was my introduction to research.

  • Let's find the publication date
  • Turn to any page
  • Select any topic
  • Read or skim the article
  • Familiarize yourself with the book

2) To learn how to use the library's online encyclopedia databases.

I will demonstrate the following:

  • How to find the encyclopedias via the Pima Community College Library website
  • How to view the collection
  • How to perform a basic search
  • How to select a date range
  • How to search for information using the Topic Finder
  • How to email yourself what you find
  • Use the ListenIncrease Font Size, Translation options
  • Use the "Book View" option
    Then we'll perform a search together
    Then you'll perform one on your own using the same topic you found in the print encyclopedia

3) Compare the two methods to discuss the pros and cons.


Your Librarian

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