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REL 200 - Religion in Popular Culture (Sabia-Tanis): Getting Ideas

Where to explore topics and get background info

Encyclopedias and More

Search 250 specialized encyclopedias and 500 other reference sources.

Religion articles

Scholarly articles

Controversial Issues

Detailed reports covering current social and political issues.
Articles, reference entries, and multimedia on today's most debated topics.
Explores different sides of an issue using a point/counterpoint format.

Four steps

1. Combine two concepts for your search

  • Choose one option from each box
  • Think up your own terms.
  • Enclose phrases in "quotation marks."

Example: Christianity vampires

Example: Islam "action movies"

Example: "medicine man" westerns

2. Filter your results

by Format

  • Scholarly journals
  • Magazines

by Publication Date

3. Review the results and skim the text

  • Read the abstract
  • Open the article, if it looks good.

4. Email the article to yourself, with an MLA citation



Concept 1


  • As a whole
  • A religion
  • A religious subgroup
  • A religious practice
  • A religious belief
  • A religious concept
  • A god or divinity
  • A religious writing
  • A religious event
  • A religious celebration

Concept 2

Popular culture

  • As a whole
  • Mass culture
  • Mass media
  • Mass entertainment
  • Entertainment medium
  • Enertainment genre
  • Popular belief, practice, concept
  • Specific examples of any of these