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WRT 102 - Downtown (Landers): Explore Topics

Argumentative paper

Points of View Reference Center

Open the database:

Points of View Reference Center

  • Browse through topics.
  • Each begins with an Overview article.
  • From the Overview, use the Related Information box (at left).
    • Click Points of View.
    • Review the Point and Counterpoint articles on the topic.
  • Email any article to yourself. It will include an MLA citation.
    • Write a good Subject line for yourself!

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Open the database:

Opposing Viewpoints In Context

  • Provides various types of information on your topic

    • Viewpoints (Articleds that take positions on issues)
    • Academic Journals
    • Statistics
    • Primary sources (First hand testimony, etc.)
    • Audio
    • News
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Reference
    • Magazines
    • Websites
    • Related topics
  • Browse the issues (upper right)

    • Browse by types of information
  • Open an article

    • See More Like This and Related Information.
  • Email it to yourself.

    • An MLA citation is given at the bottom of the email.
      • Make your own subject line.