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WRT 101 - Downtown (Campbell): Info on Careers

Guide for Essay 3: Research Argument (Fall 2019)


AzCIS: Arizona Career Information System

  • Note: You can't use this database off-campus.

  • What's covered?

    • Useful information on hundreds of occupations.
    • Wages/salaries; the number of openings expected; preparation needed
    • Compare any two occupations
    • Filter occupations by wages, education level, etc.
  • Browse occupations by clusters (like Health or Marketing).

    • Open the link (above).
    • Hover your mouse over Occupations
    • Select Career Clusters
    • Select a cluster for related occupations.
    • Select an occupation to see its page.
    • In the left column, try the following sections:
      • Overview
      • Preparation
      • Wages
      • Employment & Outlook
      • WorkKeys
      • Real World Interviews
      • Videos
  • More functions

    • On the Career Clusters page, explore the orange tabs.
      • Titles index: all occupation listed by name
      • Compare: choose two occupations to view side by side.
      • Search: the best place to search for specific occupations
      • Filter: Find occupations with a median wage above $48,000
  • Downside

    • There is no automatic way to email yourself the information.