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Practical Nursing: Media

Skills Lab (Approved and Follow Rubrics)

Student Videos for Skills Lab


Below is the approved list of student/instructor videos for your use. Please review prior to class (if possible) or coming to open skills lab. The videos follow our procedures very closely and will help you to understand the more complex skills. 


Prior to starting, we recommend you print the skills checklist or information provided to you. These demonstrations mimic closely what you will see in the skills lab; having it with you during the video will help a lot.


Remember, students teaching students is a fun, stress-free, amazing way to learn, build confidence, and solidify your skills! If you would like to participate in a student video, please contact me! Teaching is an integral part of nursing and I encourage you to try at least once! Also, the more available in our “library” for student use, the better for you all!


EHR Tutor/ Electronic Documentation:

EHR Tutor Student Quick Start Guide


Insertion of Indwelling Urethral Catheter


Chest Tubes

Care and Maintenance of a chest tube


Cardiac Day:

Mock Code


Vital Signs:

How to Check Vital Signs

Blood Pressure using two step method

Apical Heart Rate


Intravenous Therapy

Insertion of Peripheral IV


Online Videos

Anatomy Databases