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WRT 102 - East Writing II: Literary Resources on the Web

Google Scholar

General Literary Criticism Internet Resources

Most are not that familiar with web searching.   Many also do not understand that Google only brings to one’s fingertips .004% to 10% of the web.  Most of us do a simple search in Google (two words or less) and look at the first 10 or so hits.  Be aware that you can use an advance search in Google. 

There are also sites for general literary criticism:

Web Sites: Michele Serros

Author Archives

It pays to find an author’s archive or official website such as: Ernest Hemingway: Online Resources from the Ernest Hemingway Collection of the John F Kennedy Presidential library.


When researching the web:

You cannot cite works (literary criticism) from other students.

You cannot use (cite) unpublished works (class notes, lectures, etc.) though you can use them as reference.

Author Homepages

Most contemporary authors maintain an official website where they can share news about publications, appearances and awards with their fans. Many also now have Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

Try these Google searches, substituting your author's name, in the search box below:

"Chef Jeff Henderson official website"

"Stephen King facebook"

"Jodi Picoult Twitter"

Google Web Search