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 Welcome to the Pima Library guide for research and writing on information literacy.

This guide is intended as a starting place for researchers and students enrolled in Writing 101S and other Writing classes. It identifies the various features of information literacy, helping to differentiate credible sources from fake or junk news.

Please use the tabs above to locate frequently recommended resources. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact me. 

1. Know when information is required                                      

2. Know how to write a research question                               

3. Know where to find information                                           

4. Determine/understand sources of information                      

5. Select the best source   

6. Use the information

7. Organize information

8.  Present  information 

9.  Evaluate information                                                    

10. Use information in an ethical manner

(College of Information and Communications, School of Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina)


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