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REA 112hp - Downtown - Annotated Bibliography: Literature Reviews

Research Studies (as prey)

Research articles

  • Eat and digest DATA from observations
  • Produce FINDINGS

Sample Research Article

Olley, R., Edwards, I., Avery, M., & Cooper, H. (2019). Systematic review of the evidence related to mandated nurse staffing ratios in acute hospitals. Australian Health Review, 43(3), 288–293.

The Review Article (as predator)

Review articles

  • Eat and digest RESEARCH ARTICLES
    • . . . especially their findings.
  • Produce EVALUATIONS of the current state of research

Sample Review Article

Goolsarran, N., Hamo, C. E., Lane, S., Frawley, S., & Lu, W.-H. (2018). Effectiveness of an interprofessional patient safety team-based learning simulation experience on healthcare professional trainees. BMC Medical Education, 18(1), 192.‚Äč

About Review Articles

1. Every review article (eats and) digests lots of research studies.

2. There are many research studies, but few review articles.

3. A good review article on your topic is a gold mine.

4. Some review articles are very long.

5. Other names for a review article:

  • A literature review
  • A review of the literature

6. Don't mistake the following things for a review article:

  • The brief review of the literature found in the Introduction of every research study.
  • Peer reviewed journal, which is a journal that lets peer experts review an article before it can be published.

Sample Research Articles