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WRT 101S - Downtown (Graham) NEW guide: B-4: Limit to scholarly sources

Find Scholarly journal articles

Your assignment requires 4-6 sources that are scholarly, in-depth, published sources. 

To find Scholarly journal articles, use the left column of your page of results. See the  image below.

  • Checkmark the box for Scholarly Journals (peer reviewed).
  • Don't uncheck any boxes.  Leave them alone.

You are ready to do targeted searching.

Use this model:

If you'd like to review how to email items to yourself, see the boxes below.


Review items--to see if they support your thesis

You have seen the following instructions before, but they may be a helpful reminder on how to review items and email them to yourself with citations.

1.  Read the titles of the first ten items.

  • When you find a good title, click it.
  • The full description of the item opens.
  • Below is a sample scholarly journal article:

2. Review the Title, Subject Terms, and Abstract.

  • Could this article help support your thesis?
    • If so, see the directions below to see the full text and to email it to yourself.
    • If not, try another item record OR try a different search. For example, instead or "working conditions" try burnout in its place.

Now use the directions below.

Open the full text of an article

You will find a link to the full text of the article to the left of the title.

  • In this case, it is in PDF format.  Sometimes it is in HTML format.
  • In either case, just click the link.
  • Now see the directions in the box below this one.

Email the article to yourself, with an MLA citation

When you click a PDF, this is what you get. You can scroll through the entire article.

IMPORTANT:  Email the article to yourself!

  • Click the Email icon at right.  It looks like an envelope.
  • Type in your email address
  • Type in a customized Subject line. This is what you will see in your email inbox.  Help yourself out: make it specific!
  • The email will contain...
    • An MLA style citation (at the top). You can copy and paste into your Works Cited list. (You need to proofread it first)
    • The full text article (PDFs will be attachments).

For more on MLA citations, see the Write & Cite tab in this guide.

Ok.  Open MegaSearch--in Advanced mode

Use this model: