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SOC 201 - Downtown - Race, Ethnicity, Minority Groups and Social Justice: Ring Study of Demographics

Keyed to a demographic statistics assignment for Rosalia Solorzano's Downtown Campus section

What is a "ring study"?

A ring study pulls together demographic statistics centered on a specific location.  It lets you dig deeper into a city's demographics.  You can see how variables are distributed geographically.

In this example, we use the intersection of Speedway and Swan in Tucson.

The smallest ring has a radius of 1 mile.  Its statistics apply to anyone living within that circle. There are also rings with 3 mile and 5 mile radii.  They count anyone living within those rings.

This data includes some from the recent 2010 Census, along with historial data and some projections. This is supplemented with data from the Current Population Survey. 

These free reports from the Easy Analytics Software company are chock full of valuable, user-friendly data.

Set up a ring study for a location in Tucson

Register for Free

1.  Open this site:   It will open in a new tab.

2.  At the top, click the icon showing several rings.

3.  Go through the free registration process. It asks for your email and your zip code.

4.  When that is done.  Click on the familiar icon that shows the rings.

Create a Free Report

5.  In Box #1, type in a street intersection, like this:  speedway and swan tucson, arizona

6. Click the Locate button.

7. In Box #3, select this from the dropdown men: Population Anscestry, by Country of Origin

  • (Later you can select other types of reports, such as the wonderful Free Complete Report & Analysis.)

8. At the bottom, click this button: Create Site Study.

Save the Report to and Email

WARNING: It will NOT work to copy the URL from the address box.  Instead, copy the entire content of the page and paste it into an email to yourself. Tips on copying:

1. Select the full report...

  • At the top of the report, click just to the LEFT of the title, "EASI Census 2010..." (nothing happens).
  • Don't click anywhere else, and scroll to the very bottom of the report
  • Hold down the SHIFT key while you click once in the lower right corner of the page.
  • Now the entire report is selected. (Don't click anywhere else.)

2. Press Cntl+C to copy

3. Open your email. Address an email to yourself and paste into this into the email masseage (Cntl+V) The maps will not copy.