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REA 091- East - Griesel: Evaluating Websites

Library Scavenger Hunt & Collection of Library Resources

Why evaluate websites?

One cannot use what is written in a book to prove the truth of the book. One needs outside evidence. 

Crashcourse. (2016, April 4). Anselm & the argument for God: Crash course philosophy #9 [Video].

Check Yourself with Lateral Reading

The S.I.F.T. Method - Online Verification Skills (Mike Caufield)

Mike Caulfield, Washington State University digital literacy expert, has helpfully condensed key fact-checking strategies into a short list of four moves, or things to do to quickly make a decision about whether or not a source is worthy of your attention. It is referred to as the “SIFT” method:

SIFT Method (Stop, Investigate, Find the original source, use Trusted source)


Evaluating Evidence

Online Verification Skills with Mike Caulfield


Online Verification Skills — Video 2: Investigate the Source


Online Verification Skills — Video 3: Find the Original Source


Online Verification Skills — Video 4: Look for Trusted Work