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WRT 102b - Downtown - Self-Paced Writing: Module B: Assignment 18: Research a Context

Essay Two research: "Raisin in the Sun" (text in context)

Assignment 18

Meet with a librarian

  • Simply tell someone at the library's Circulation desk that you want to meet with a librarian.
  • There are four librarians. Whoever is available will meet with you.
  • The meeting might take about one hour.
  • Bring your syllabus. 
    • We will focus on Reading Response Five (Assignment 18), pp. 31-37.
    • If possible, also bring your Reading Response Four (Assignment 17).
  • At the end of the meeting, . . .
    • you will have a Working Focus Statement, p. 31.
    • you will be ready to find the five required sources.
    • you will probably find 1-2 sources during the meeting.

After the meeting

  • Use this research guide to continue finding sources.
  • Consult a librarian any time, Monday - Friday.

Table of Contents

Biographical/Literary Source  pp. 32

  • A great place to start. Your author's life may overlap with the context you have chosen.
  • Literary criticism aims to illuminate a work. You may find discussions of the play in context.
  • The sources can be found in articles from databases or in books.

Database Articles on Your Context (Two sources) pp. 32-34

  • Databases store periodical articles and book chapters on various subjects.
  • Depending on your context, you might choose a database on history, culture, or sociology.
  • Many of these articles are from scholarly journals. They are written by experts for other experts.
  • Other articles give overviews and are aimed at the general reader.

Web Source  p. 35

  • Sure, you know how to search the web. But check this tab (link) for additional tips.
  • Evaluating the credibility of web sources is important. Tips are included.

Print Source  p. 36

  • This normally refers to a (paper) book.
  • Search the Library Catalog.
  • When you get your book, use its table of contents and especially its Index.

Further Research  p. 37

  • Some additional resources to consider.