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WRT 101b - Downtown - Self-paced Writing I: Module B: Home

How this Guide works


Welcome. This guide is matched to your syllabus.

  • At specific points, the syllabus will direct you to this guide, and it will tell you which tab to use.
  • The blue tabs above this box are labeled.  Click the appropriate one and follow the instructions.
  • Any questions?
    • Visit the library and ask to speak to a librarian. We can give you tips and help you search.
    • Or click the green Ask Us button (on the right edge of your screen). When you ask your question, mention that you are using the WRT 101b research guide.

--Joe Brewer

PCC Librarian, Downtown Campus

Ask A Librarian

Research librarians can be contacted in many ways:
Search our FAQ knowledge bank
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E-mail us at
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Give us a call:
Desert Vista Campus: 206-5095
Downtown Campus: 206-7267
East Campus: 206-7693
Northwest Campus: 206-2250
West Campus: 206-6821
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Reference Desk: Come by for a one-on-one consultation