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REA 081 - Downtown (Hazan): Get Started

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Research librarians can be contacted in many ways:
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Desert Vista Campus: 206-5095
Downtown Campus: 206-7267
East Campus: 206-7693
Northwest Campus: 206-2250
West Campus: 206-6821
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    Book Choices

    You have been assigned to read some of the following books for REA 081 at the Downtown Campus. When you read your novel, you may be unfamiliar with the author, location, culture, time period, and/or sets of beliefs and values represented. Developing some prior knowledge about the author and related subjects portrayed in your book will create a more meaningful reading experience for you.

    Your Librarian

    Theresa Stanley
    Downtown Campus

    1255 N. Stone Ave

    Tucson, AZ 85709-3035

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