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MKT 111 - Downtown (Padgett) Principles of Marketing: Introduction

Overall assignment

You are creating a marketing plan. To determine the target market for your business, focus on two key facts:

  • The physical location of your business.
  • The type of goods or services it sells.

Many of these demographic statistics focus on a zip code.  What do they tell you potential customers for this location?

  • What is your ideal customer profile, in terms of the following:
    • age,
    • household type,
    • income,
    • education
    • home value
  • How appropriate is the business location to appeal to these customers?
  • Will customers likely live close to your business, or not necessarily?
  • How can you advertise to them most effectively?

Your Business: location and zip code

Find the zip code and cross streets of your business.

Google Maps

Subject Guide

Joe Brewer