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ESL 085 - Downtown - Academic English I: 1. Choose an Artist

Art gallery project for Eleanor Lumish's class.

Project Guide

1. Choose an Artist and Get Background Information

You can find lots of information on world-famous artists, like Picasso, but not as much on less famous ones.

For today’s class, you can choose a Tucson artist from these lists:


Tucson Artists’ Open Studios  This site gives an art image, a map to the studio, artist’s web page, and contact info.

Artists’ studios      April 14th and 15th 2012 

Studios arranged by zip code.  

Google Map of the studios.


Google    Many artists have their own web sites. Or they may be mentioned on the web sites of museums or galleries.

·         Type in your artists name, plus the word “art”:              Russell Recchion art 

·         Also try this search, using quote marks:                       “Russell Recchion” art 

·         Look at some of these web sites.  What can you learn about the artist? 

·         From the Google results page, click Images (top left) 

o   Warning: This may find art images of your artist, but it will find lots of unrelated things as well.   

o   Click an image.  This will open a larger version of the image, with its web page behind it. 

o   Try the links, at right.  (Remember:  most images are automatically copyrighted) 

·        To copy an image and paste it into an email (to yourself).

o   Right-Click an image.  Select Copy from the menu.

Compose an email message to yourself.

o   Right-click the message area of the email.  Select Paste from the menu.


Arizona Daily Star        Tucson’s daily newspaper may have news stories on your artist

 ·          In the lower right corner, find the Publication box.  Type this in the box:     Arizona Daily Star.

·         Above this, checkmark the box for: Also search within the full text of the articles

·         In the search box, type your artist’s name.  Click Search.    Review the results.

·      Email the article to yourself.  First open the full record.  Then on the right side, click Email, and follow directions.